Thu 9 Mar 2017, 1.30pm, Anthony Hopkins Theatre, Theatr Clwyd, Mold

Company: Rambert
Matinee type: Insight matinee


Choreographer: Lucy Guerin
Composer: Scanner
Orchestra: Rambert Orchestra


The Play Side Miguel Altunaga
The Play Side Lucy Balfour
The Play Side Simone Damberg W├╝rtz
The Play Side Edit Domoszlai
The Play Side Liam Francis
The Play Side Jacob O'Connell
The Play Side Hannah Rudd
The Witches' Side Luke Ahmet
The Witches' Side Carolyn Bolton
The Witches' Side Daniel Davidson
The Witches' Side Antonia Hewitt
The Witches' Side Vanessa Kang
The Witches' Side Adam Park
The Witches' Side Stephen Quildan
Conductor Paul Hoskins
Violin Malu Lin Swayne
Violin Rebekah Allan
Violin Gregory Warren Wilson
Viola Clifton Harrison
Viola Benjamin Kaminski
Cello Deirdre Cooper
Cello Joy Hawley
Double bass Cathy Colwell
Clarinet Neyire Ashworth
Bassoon Philip Gibbon
Musical saw Robert Millett
Running time: 13.48-14.14

Ghost Dances

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Ernesto Cavour, Atahualpa Yupanqui
Orchestra: Rambert Orchestra


Dancer Miguel Altunaga
Dancer Joshua Barwick
Dancer Adam Park
Dancer Juan Gil
Dancer Antonia Hewitt
Dancer Kym Sojourna
Dancer Pierre Tappon
Dancer Vanessa Kang
Dancer Brenda Lee Grech
Dancer Luke Ahmet
Dancer Hannah Rudd
Conductor Paul Hoskins
Guitar Forbes Henderson
Guitar Claudia Figueroa
Guitar Daniel Thomas
Panpipes Anthony Robb
Panpipes Rebecca Larsen
Percussion Robert Millett
Running time: 14.49-15.20
Source: Cast sheet and stage manager's report for 9 March 2017 (matinee) in the Rambert Technical Dept
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