Tue 23 Mar 1999, 7.30pm, Anthony Hopkins Theatre, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold

Cruel Garden

Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Carlos Miranda
Orchestra: London Musici


The Moon Miranda Lind
The Child Ana Maria Luján Sánchez
Gypsies The Company
The Inquisitor Ian Knowles
The Bull Simon Cooper
The Poet Conor O'Brien
St. Gabriel François Testory
The Mother Elizabeth Old
Mourner Didy Veldman
Mourner Hope Muir
Mourner Marie-Laure Agrapart
Sevillanas The Company
Proprietress of the Cafe de Chinitas Seeta Indrani
Zorongo Didy Veldman
Zorongo Hope Muir
Zorongo Marie-Laure Agrapart
Zorongo Conor O'Brien
Zorongo Vincent Redmon
Zorongo Glenn Wilkinson
Harlequin Matthew Hart
Pierrot Ana Maria Luján Sánchez
Pierrot Hope Muir
Pierrot Rachel Poirier
Pierrot Maria Sardon Urtiaga
Pierrot Rafael Bonachela
The Afternoon Stroll of Buster Keaton - A Screenplay by Federico Garcia Lorca
Buster Keaton Conor O'Brien
A Cockerel Glenn Wilkinson
A Negro Paul Liburd
An American Lady Deirdre Chapman
A Young Girl Ana Maria Luján Sánchez
A Cow Branden Faulls
A Cow Trevor Schoonraad
A Man with Butterflies in His Beard Laurent Cavanna
Butterfly Maria Sardon Urtiaga
Butterfly Rachel Poirier
Lady with the Head of a Nightingale Deirdre Chapman
The Marathon Dance The Company
Spain, August 19th 1936
Dancers The Company
Conductor Paul Hoskins
Oboe/cor anglais Joseph Sanders
Cello Ben Chappell
Piano Stephen Lade
Harpsichord Richard Coates
Guitar Richard Wright
Guitar Forbes Henderson
Percussion Robert Millett
Percussion Patricia Allardyce
Percussion Grethe Goss Nielsen
Percussion Christopher Blundell
Running time: 7:38pm-9:08pm
Source: Cast sheet and stage manager's report for 23 March 1999 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace