Richard Alston (1948-)

Biography: Resident Choreographer of Ballet Rambert 1980-1986; Artistic Director of Ballet Rambert (later Rambert Dance Company) 1986-1992; dancer with Ballet Rambert in 1980.
Richard Alston studied fine art and theatre design at Croydon College of Art in 1965, before continuing his studies at the London School of Contemporary Dance in 1968. He went on to choreograph for London Contemporary Dance Theatre, before forming the UK's first independent dance company, Strider, in 1972. In 1975, Alston studied at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio in New York.
Upon his return in 1980, he was appointed Resident Choreographer of Ballet Rambert, becoming Artistic Director in 1986. While artistic director, he created 24 works for Rambert and reworked 'Java'. He was also commissioned to create works for the Royal Danish Ballet in 1982 and the Royal Ballet in 1983 and two solo works for dancer Michael Clark, 'Soda Lake' (1981) and 'Dutiful Ducks' (1982). These two works were subsequently taken into the Rambert repertoire.
After stepping down as Artistic Director of Rambert, Alston went on to establish the Richard Alston Dance Company, based at The Place, London. He returned to Rambert in 2001 to create 'Unrest' (2001) as part of the celebrations of the company's 75th anniversary. Alston was made an honorary Doctor of Philosophy (in Dance) at Surrey University in 1992, and in 2003 received an honourary MA from University College Chichester. He was awarded a CBE in 2001.
Alston's oral history interview for the Rambert Archive is available at http://www.rambert.org.uk/explore/rambert-archive/rambert-voices
Archive catalogue: DS/UK/15


Apollo Distraught
Richard Alston, 1982
Bell High
Richard Alston, 1980
Cat's Eye
Richard Alston, 1992
Chicago Brass
Richard Alston, 1983
Richard Alston, 1989
Dangerous Liaisons
Richard Alston, 1985
Dealing with Shadows
Richard Alston, 1990
Dutiful Ducks
Richard Alston, 1982/1986
Richard Alston, 1982
Richard Alston, 1988
Richard Alston, 1983/1985
Richard Alston, 1980
Gary Lambert, 1990
Richard Alston, 1985
Night Music
Richard Alston, 1981
Pulau Dewata
Richard Alston, 1989
Richard Alston, 1987
Rainbow Ripples
Richard Alston, 1980
Rhapsody in Blue
Richard Alston, 1988
Richard Alston, 1990
Soda Lake
Richard Alston, 1981/1986
Strong Language
Richard Alston, 1987
Richard Alston, 2001
Voices and Light Footsteps
Richard Alston, 1984
Richard Alston, 1984
Richard Alston, 1986
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