Educational use of this website

The material on this website is available for use by students and teachers of UK educational establishments, free of charge. This includes downloading and copying material.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Individual pupils/students and teachers can download and print pages from this website for educational purposes within the school or other educational establishment in the UK.
  • “Educational establishments” are defined as schools, colleges of further and higher education, universities and colleges of nursing in the UK.
  • Multi-copying for sharing of material in classes is covered under Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence arrangements, provided your school/educational establishment takes out a licence.
  • If the pupils/students cut, paste and re-order material, it must be within the context of the classroom only. Extracts or or compilations of extracts can be made, provided it is for the educational purposes of registered students of the school/educational establishment.
  • Pupils/students can take copies of material home provided it is for continuation of work started in the classroom, required by a teacher in the course of their normal educational studies. Copies may also be provided to teachers.
  • Public display of a project which includes copies of material from this website cannot be allowed without specific permission/licence. This is because Rambert in many instances is not the sole rights holder for the content of this website.
  • Schools/educational establishments should keep records of any electronic copies of material in accordance with the ERA Licence principles, including labeling all copies with the date and title, together with the statement, “This electronic copy is to be used only under the terms of the ERA Licence”.
  • Copies of material should NOT be used for any promotional, administrative or commercial purposes of the school/educational establishment.
  • On no account should any copies be offered for sale, sold or hired out. Copies cannot be shown to fee-paying audiences or non-registered students.

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