Professional Class

Weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
1.00pm to 2.15pm BST

Suitable for professional dancers and advanced dance students
Age: 18+ 

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The Rambert Home Studio for dance professionals offers a series of movement classes taught by leading international guest artists selected by Rambert’s Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer.

With a strong focus on expressive abilities, technique and physical endurance, these classes are designed to do at home to complement or enhance your training routine allowing you to continue to pursue your ambition from your living room.

Week of 1 June
Back to Classics

Monday 1 June – Flavio Salazar (American Ballet Theatre)
Wednesday 3 June – Vernard Gilmore (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater)
Friday 5 June – Deborah Wingert (New York City Ballet)

We’ve selected our latest roster of teachers to bring you inspiration from a broad and diverse range of styles. First up we beam three highly sought-after ballet teachers from three of the top dance companies in the USA direct into your home, wherever in the world you may be.

Week of 8 June
Fiercely Female

Monday 8 June – Ida Saki
Wednesday 10 June – Ebony Williams
Friday 12 June – Troy Ogilvie

Three distinctly different and strong female voices of the contemporary dance world, from New York City to Rambert Home Studio. We can’t wait to show up, push ourselves and hear what they have to say.

Week of 15 June
Andrea Miller

Monday 15 June – Movement Class
Wednesday 17 June – Creative Practices & Concepts
Friday 19 June – Dance for Camera

A special week-long workshop series giving insight into Gallim Artistic Director Andrea Miller’s movement and creation process as a choreographer.

As well as developing technical and artistic faculties, you’ll be supported in pushing your mental, physical, creative and collaborative capacity.

Week of 22 June
Break Down

Monday 22 June – Jermaine Browne
Wednesday 24 June – TBA
Friday 26 June – Malik Le Nost

From YouTube to TV to arenas around the world – to your living room. Top commercial professionals share their inspiration, ambition and belief with more of the Rambert community.

Week of 29 June
On Broadway

Theatre Dance with Al Blackstone
Tuesday 30 June | Wednesday 1 July | Thursday 2 July

The lights of Broadway shine brightly in the Rambert Home Studio. Welcome an Emmy-nominated star choreographer for stage and screen into your home and be ready to put on a show. Costumes optional.

Week of 6 July
London Calling

Monday 6 July – Jasper Narvaez
Wednesday 8 July – Fred Despierre
Friday 10 July – James Vu Anh Pham

Three London-based contemporary artists lead our Rambert Home Studio sessions this week, specially hand picked by Rambert’s Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer. Get your home training in and enhance your dance practice with some new and persuasive techniques.

Week of 13 July
Ballet in the UK

Monday 13 July – Nina Mohs
Wednesday 15 July – Deirdre Chapman
Friday 17 July – Louise Bennett

Find emphasis in your placement, spatial expansion, speed and lyricism with Nina, develop and maintain core alignment and internal strength with Deirdre and find freedom in the upper body with Louise.

Week of 20 July

Monday 20 July – Oscar Ramos
Wednesday 22 July – Jason Kittelberger
Friday 24 July – Oscar Ramos

Week of 27 July
Leading Ladies

Monday 27 July – Hope Boykin | Horton
Wednesday 29 July – Angela Towler | Contemporary
Friday 31 July – Winifred Burnet Smith | Contemporary

Take your training to the next level with three female stars of three different world-class companies. Absorb Horton technique within your body with Hope. Then, take Angela’s Cunningham inspired class, working towards building dance-specific strength, flexibility, co-ordination and flow. And if you’re looking for a #FridayFeeling workout, take Winifred’s contemporary class to activate, articulate, sweat, breathe and express.

Week of 3 August
Yoga for Dancers

Monday 3 August – Jason Kittelberger | Yoga Flow
Wednesday 5 August – Emanuelle Soum | Hatha Yoga
Friday 7 August – Jason Kittelberger | Yoga Flow

Change up your week and try out some Yoga at Rambert Home Studio, specifically designed for dancers, like you. We’ve got Jason Kittelberger teaching Yoga Flow on Monday and Friday. You’ll be using breath and fluid movement to flow through different positions whilst focusing on finding your natural alignment and strengthening muscles.

If you wanted a mid-week switch, we’ve got Emanuelle Soum teaching Hatha Yoga (Sivananda). In this traditional class, you’ll focus on breathing exercises, learning different postures and relaxation techniques whilst increasing flexibility of the spine, strengthening bones and stimulating the circulatory and immune systems.

Week of 10 August

Monday 10 August – Troy Ogilvie
Wednesday 12 August – Ida Saki
Friday 14 August – Andrea Miller

Take some time out of your week and try out our contemporary professional classes. Monday’s class with Troy Ogilvie is a guided movement improvisation. Wednesday, you’ll work on your presence and thoughtfulness through dance in Ida Saki’s class. And Friday, you’ll step into your weekend with Andrea Miller in her contemporary class.

To make sure everyone can enjoy these classes, we’re launching the Rambert Home Studio on a pay what you decide basis. Professional classes in the studio normally cost £5, but whilst we’re trialling Rambert Home Studio we’d like to invite you to contribute what you can towards the programme.

We use PayPal Rambert Home Studio, To Donate, please click HERE.

We are eager to hear your feedback on how we can improve the classes. Please do complete this survey to tell us your thoughts.

By participating in the classes you are doing so at your own risk.   Look after yourselves so that you can look after others around you whilst you stay safe at home.

Rambert will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our online class programmes.

Please use good judgement and common sense when taking the class, and in particular:

  • Choose the appropriate level of the exercises for your level and ability;
  • Ensure you are in a clear space with no obvious hazards, with ventilation, appropriate lighting and access to water.
  • If you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort, stop immediately and seek medical advice.
  • If in doubt, always check with your doctor before beginning the classes.

By clicking on the link to the class, you confirm to abide by the terms of this disclaimer.

All live and recorded content is the property of Rambert and is not to be shared with third parties.

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