Rambert Grades

At Rambert Grades we believe training should empower. Our dance training is inclusive and accessible for all, unleashing creativity, independence and self-belief to develop each individual with transferable skills to push themselves and make an impact.

What is Rambert Grades?

Rambert Grades is a pioneering new contemporary dance syllabus and a landmark collaborative partnership between Rambert dance company and Rambert School.

Carefully designed with an unequivocally holistic approach at its heart, Rambert Grades is about inspiration, confidence and self-belief. The training takes a flexible student- centric approach making it inclusive and relevant to people from all backgrounds.

More information about Rambert Grades

New Rambert Grades Online Syllabus – Applications Open

The Rambert Grades syllabus is conducted entirely online making it flexible and accessible to all. Encompassing a two-month programme with a blend of independent study at your own pace and guided learning consisting of videos, webinars and online group sessions.

The syllabus running since 2020 already has a global uptake and applications are now open for the next training taking place in October/November 2021 for anyone wishing to qualify as registered Rambert Grades Teachers from Grades 1 to 8.

“The part of the training I valued the most was the passion and honesty from the teachers. They ensured the necessity of play and exploration that took away the rigidity you can find in other training graded programmes. The focus was on individuality and expression and letting the students have a creative voice and feel empowered”

- previous Rambert Grades Teacher

“It was a great experience. I would say the Grades training has the feeling of becoming part of a family, a group and a community where the importance is on sharing the knowledge”

- previous Rambert Grades Teacher
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