How we’re keeping you safe in our building

In-studio classes

We’re committed to providing a safe environment where all our participants are confident to take part.

To do this, we are now slowly increasing the capacity of our classes so more people can enjoy our programme. We will keep our ten-minute breaks in between every class, so that we have less people moving around the building at once.

We will continue to clean more often, especially our ballet barres, bannisters and water fountains which will be wiped down with disinfectant regularly throughout the evening.

And if you can’t attend class because you are experiencing Covid symptoms or test positive on the day, we will provide you with a refund for that class- no problem at all.

What we ask from you

If you have taken class with us before, things will look a little different this time around. All our new procedures are to ensure a safe environment for all, and so we ask that everyone- participants, staff, and teachers alike- abide by these as much as possible.

We ask that you wear a mask on arrival at Rambert, and when moving around the building (although this does not apply if you have a medical exemption, or for children aged 11 and under). You will no longer be asked to wear a mask during class, however if you prefer to we are supportive of this.

We ask that you arrive on time (and no more than five minutes early) and dressed ready to go where this is possible (if not, changing facilities are available), so that we can minimise groups congregating in the reception area and corridors. We have hand sanitizier at our reception desk, and we encourage you to use this when you arrive.

And if you start to develop symptoms or test positive for Coronavirus, please stay home until you’re feeling better.

We’re so excited to welcome you back to Rambert.

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