Future Movement

Photography by Aaron Akrong

Future Movement is a fresh collaboration between Rambert and Theatre Peckham for young people aged 16-19 who live in South London.

Since September 2020, ten specially selected young people have gathered weekly to meet people who work in Rambert and Theatre Peckham to learn their journey to work in the arts. The young people have also developed new skills, including producing and marketing.

In addition to this, they’ve made a short film with leading filmmaker Bani Mendy.

This year sees the same young people reconvene to become Change Makers in their community, where they’re going to create and commission fresh participatory activities for their South London peers.

For more information on Future Movement, take a look at this PDF.

Applications now open

If you’re 16-19 and have a passion for culture and creativity we want to hear from you.

To become a member of Future Movement, fill out the application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re interested in Future Movement or have any questions, you can email our youth facilitator Chloe on Chloe.Young[ATSIGN]rambert.org.uk and she’ll get back to you.

Brave: A Rambert Future Movement Project in collaboration with Theatre Peckham

A short film made by Future Movement with filmmaker Bani Mendy.

Through spoken word, poetry and dance, Future Movement make their voices heard and confront the world around them and within them. – It’s personal, it’s political, and it’s brave.

Brave is the culmination of Rambert’s Future Movement, a fresh youth skills development project, which was launched in a collaboration with Theatre Peckham in September 2021.

Watch the film here.

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