Past event
Rambert Revealed: Sculpting Time – Choreographic lab with Kim Brandstrup

99 Upper Ground London SE1 9PP
Free, by application only

Up to six participants will be invited to develop their choreographic practice in this workshop led by award-winning choreographer Kim Brandstrup.

Emerging choreographers are invited to develop their practice in a workshop led by award-winning choreographer Kim Brandstrup. Through a series of physical, musical and drama tasks, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the different ways we experience time, and how this can be navigated and utilised choreographically.

Professional dancers and aspiring choreographers can download the application form below and return by 10am, Monday 23 October.

“Our sense of time is a very delicate faculty and our perception of time passing is intrinsically bound up with what we are looking at. The same 20 seconds feels profoundly different if we are, say, watching a 100 metre sprint or somebody doing tai chi; whether we are watching an action film or a video installation in a darkened gallery; whether we listen to house music in a club or a Beethoven symphony in a concert hall. The same duration of time can feel like a serenely calm event or like a moment flashing by, depending on how it is paced, with what it is contrasted and with what anticipation we watch it. One of the most exciting challenges in making a dance piece is to be able to morph, manipulate and play with our perception of time.” Kim Brandstrup

Rambert Revealed is our annual programme of open house events, giving you exclusive insight to the work that goes on in Rambert’s home on London’s South Bank.

In 2017, Rambert Revealed runs from Monday 6 – Sunday 12 November. Click here for event listings.

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