Pointework: Intermediate

This class will follow our intermediate class, so is suitable if you’ve been to a few ballet classes before. But if you’re an advanced dancer wanting to go back to some basics, this is also a great way to refresh your knowledge of the style. Whatever your level, you will build on your pointework technique at the barre before building up to the move to the centre.

Brenda Lee was a dancer in the Rambert Company for seven years and we love having her back in the studio.

Full term: £60
Drop in: £6 (subject to availability, from 6pm the day before class)

To book, click here.

Autumn Term

Term runs from Monday 27 September to Saturday 11 December.

Classes will be socially distanced and we’re committed to providing a safe environment where all participants are confident to take part.

Rambert, 99 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP
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