Mercury Movers 60+ (Creative Practice Group)

Mercury Movers classes are designed for participants 60+ and all levels of ability are welcome. The classes are great way to improve your balance and flexibility and aim to build strength through a range of appropriately paced contemporary dance exercises. The classes are designed to be fun and engaging and leave you with an improved sense of overall well-being.

The Mercury Movers creative practice group have an additional focus on creative exploration and work for performance aiming to give participants the opportunity to express, create and communicate their ideas with others. Each term, the group will explore a new idea of theme stimulated by Rambert’s vast repertoire in a fun and inspiring environment.

Mercury Movers past performances include; National Theatre River stage (2017), Ignition Dance Festival (2017), MOVE it (2018), MOTUS Dance Festival (2018) and Breathe at Guy’s Hospital (2018).

Class level: This class is open to older dancers 60+ with performance experience or those who wish to develop their confidence and creative performance skills for the first time.

Don’t want to perform? Mercury Movers classes also run on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Full term enrollment (11 weeks): £66.45
Coin street community resident: £30.00

Please note, the Wednesday and Thursday Mercury Movers groups will have different term dates to the rest of the Class Programme. For the Autumn term, there will be no half term break and the dates will be as follows:

Start: Wednesday 4 September
End: Wednesday 13 November

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Meet the Teacher: Jane Woolley

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Jane Woolley

Where did you train / study as a dancer / teacher?
I initially trained at Trinity Laban and later studied an MA at London Contemporary Dance School. I have a post graduate teaching certificate and I recently trained as a yoga teacher.

Describe your most inspirational teacher
Susanne Lahusen a lecturer in Somatics who teaches on the MA at London Contemporary Dance School. She taught me the importance of exploring movement from the inside out, focusing on a self enquiring approach valuing how movement feels in the body as well as how it aesthetically looks.

How would you describe your teaching style in three words?
Inclusive, energising and fun

How would you describe your class and what can people expect from a class with you?
The class is fun and energising. It aims to safely challenge the body and the mind by encouraging participant’s to explore how their own body moves and feels. It builds strength, flexibility and balance through flowing warm up exercises, creative improvisations and travelling phrases. There is an emphasis on the use of the breath and developing functional movement to support everyday living. A range of Rambert’s repertoire is creatively explored and the class finishes with a restorative cool down and relaxation.

What is your favourite Rambert work?
Goat by Ben Duke

Rambert, 99 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP
How to get here.

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