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Takeshi Matsumoto

As an Early Years Practitioner, teacher, play therapist and performer for young audiences, Takeshi takes inspiration from children and their boundless imagination and drive to play.

And we take inspiration from Takeshi himself: as a dance therapist, Takeshi has used dance to connect with refugees in Thailand, survivors of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, inpatient mental health centres and in community drug and alcohol recovery services.

‘Bringing dance into someone’s life could change it into more positive and colourful one. Dance can give people fun and joy. As a dance therapist, I believe that dance can be a tool to communicate with people who may find it difficult to speak or use spoken language. And dance can enhance a shared and meaningful moment with people.’

Takeshi has an MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy and a BA in Drama and Dance, and is trained in Japanese Kabuki dancing as well as contemporary dance. He teaches our Dance and Play classes on Rambert Home studio, for families with children up to five years old. ‘My take-away for participants is to keep playing and dancing. Please remember that wherever you are, you always have something to play and dance with.’

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