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Priyanka Chauhan

Meet Priyanka, a community-focused creative based in London, who specialises in Indian dance.

She teaches, creates, and performs a range of Indian dance styles from Kathak, to folk styles like Garba and Bhangra, Bollywood and fusion styles that place Indian dance in a contemporary context, exploring her experience growing up in and around a variety of cultures, movements and music.

Priyanka has always admired the beauty and rhythms in dance. Did you know that when we reflect and share movement with others, the mirror neurons in our brain fire up? They build on our feeling of empathy and togetherness – and this is just one of the reasons Priyanka loves to teach. When you’ve taken class with Priyanka, we’re sure that you will still be dancing in your home afterwards, whenever the feeling calls or you just need that lift in your day.

We’re totally inspired by her; through her inclusive dance work, she teaches holistic, dance-based workshops for marginalised groups including women in domestic violence refuges, autistic young people, older people living with dementia, people living with Parkinson’s and more. Priyanka’s goal is to utilise the benefits of dance for community and individual well-being.

Listen to Priyanka’s playlist to get you in the spirit before taking her class.
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