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Introducing Rambert

What if... 

...there was a dance company where brilliant and daring people could show up and be supported to push themselves to move the world forward. 

Welcome to Rambert.

We believe that to give brilliant and daring people the chance to inspire others is to give them the power to change the world for the better 

As Britain's oldest dance company Rambert is also one of the world’s most diverse and forward looking. We transform everyday spaces by making dance that is awe-inspiring, adventurous, dynamic and relevant, and taking it to our neighbourhood, the nation and the world.

We want to hear the most exciting and radical ideas wherever they may come from and to connect with brilliant and daring audiences and participants from all backgrounds. We do this through performances; dance and wellness classes and courses for people of all ages and abilities; and outreach and community initiatives.

Rambert’s Chief Executive is Helen Shute and Benoit Swan Pouffer is Artistic Director and under their leadership we’re setting ourselves ambitious goals trying new things, finding new ways to give people inspiration, ambition and belief.

We create dance shows that tour internationally to large scale venues and to mid-scale venues with our early career company Rambert2. We offer dance classes for people of all ages and abilities in our building on the South Bank in London and run a range of participation and community programmes. And wherever you are in the world we host live performances, classes, podcasts, dancer interviews, playlists and other inspiring content here on Rambert Home Studio 

Rambert is committed to anti-racism. We want to contribute to combating racism through our artistic programme, leadership, activities and communications.