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Danielle Capretti

Meet Danielle Capretti, the founder and creative force behind 70s Disco Fever, and one of our brilliant teachers on Rambert Home Studio and our in-studio classes.

Danielle’s aim is to revive the joy of 70s line dances, making it interesting and inspiring for all ages and abilities. If you take her class, we think you’ll quickly feel the infectiousness of moving to the sounds of the 70s whilst you learn the moves and grooves.

As a child of the 70s herself, her memories include grooving to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ at a dance recital and watching Soul Train in her grandmother’s kitchen. She also gained her cheeky confidence from her father, which helped her express her disco-ness even more. If you were also a child in the 70s, we think you’ll feel some positive nostalgia during this class. And if you’re from a younger generation, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve learnt some history in this class too.

After teacher training at Dance District in Toronto, Canada, her unique course repertoire includes authentic dances from the period, covering styles all the way from the American West Coast to Europe. She has taken 70s Disco Fever to five countries, where her signature course has been profiled on television, in newspapers and on radio – totally inspiring.

If you want to get a taste of the music, have a listen to Diva Danielle’s 70s Disco, a playlist by Danielle on Spotify. This will really get you in the spirit of the class. Follow Danielle on Instagram and Facebook @70sdiscofever.

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