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Creative Dance for Children, Liam, 45 mins

All classes available via subscription

Class 3 

You are invited to the Funky Fresh Fish Festival!

In this 45 minute class Rambert dancer Liam will guide you through the ocean where you'll meet lots of underwater creatures: "The only rule is you have to be funky and you have to be fresh!" Explore the movements of your new underwater friends and combine them together to make a dance to show your family/friends.

Designed for children aged 4-8 years old, this class will feed children's imagination and creativity, help children to develop confidence and tap into their musicality and rhythm. 


Length: 45 minutes

Class musician - Sabio Janiak
Class assistants - Alex Akapohi and Simone Damberg Würtz


DoP - Tom Walder | Dan Löwenstein | Matt Perren 
Director - Daniel Löwenstein 
Assistant director - Kyle Stevenson
Camera operators - Tom Walder | Matt Peren | Max Edmed | Liam Smith
Sound recordists - Ben Turnball | Liam Cromby
Editor - Lucas Reid