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Brittany Roberts

Introducing Brittany, our amazing and versatile practitioner.

She brings a sense of curiosity and play into her movement practices on Rambert Home Studio and in the Rambert building, and believes that there’s no right or wrong way to dance. Brittany, and us here at Rambert both believe that self-expression is very much needed in this world. Her aim for all her classes (Jazz, Tap, Contemporary) is to support her students to explore their own unique style of moving. We think you’ll love Brittany’s classes and you’ll learn to express yourself in a way that brings you joy.

Brittany said:

“I’m constantly inspired by activists and community leaders who have chosen to dedicate their lives to campaigning for social justice and ending oppression, especially those whose voices are often silenced a result of institutional racism, transphobia, and misogynoir (etc.). I also think there’s something incredibly inspiring about “everyday superheroes” – ordinary people doing extraordinary things to keep themselves and those they care about safe and looked after on a daily basis. Their courage and determination to do the right thing should not be underestimated.”

We’re really inspired by this at Rambert and we’re definitely on board with this too!

Follow Brittany on Instagram: @brittanyjennifer_communityart

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