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Block Party


From the imagination of Megan Lawson (Adele ‘Oh, My God music video, Madonna 'Madame X' tour), jump inside Block Party.

The final piece from the current Rambert2 company is a playful and funky short dance film, that mixes contemporary and street dance with a totally retro vibe. 

Block Party is like a game to find the missing piece. The clock is ticking - can you guess the final shape before time runs out?


Direction/Choreography: Megan Lawson
Direction of Photography: Alana Mejia Gonzalez
Music + Sound Design: Micka Luna
Assistant Choreographer: Daniele Sibilli
Production Design: Barbara Ayozie Fu Safira

Performed and created with:
Loïc Ayme, Pierre-Antoine Bardot, Caiti Carpenter, D'Angelo Castro, Comfort Kondehson, Judy Luo, Emma Spinosi, Jonathan Wade, Archie White, Seren Williams, Verity Wright, Simone Damberg Würtz, Liam Francis