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Beginners Contemporary


Class 3 

For this Beginners Contemporary class Rambert dancer Simone Damberg Würtz will guide you through an improvised warm-up then introduce some short contemporary dance phrases culminating in a final dance sequence.

As well as learning the basics of contemporary dance technique through this class, you'll improve your posture, gain strength and stamina, and develop your coordination. 

Get to know a bit more about Simone and her experiences in her introduction video here


Length: 41 minutes

Suitable for 60+

Class musician - Sabio Janiak
Class assistants - Aishwarya Raut and Antonello Sangirardi


DoP - Tom Walder | Dan Löwenstein | Matt Perren 
Director - Daniel Löwenstein 
Assistant director - Kyle Stevenson
Camera operators - Tom Walder | Matt Peren | Max Edmed | Liam Smith
Sound recordists - Ben Turnball | Liam Cromby
Editor - Lucas Reid