A thank you to Rambert2

In February 2018, 800 dancers auditioned at our studios. 13 were chosen to form our first ever Rambert2 cohort.

Four months later, they were rehearsing in Rambert’s studios; embarking on a journey that would launch their careers as rising dance stars. Four months after that, they premiered Rambert2’s triple bill, which then toured stages across the country.

Almost a year on, Rambert2’s 13 dancers have performed in Belfast, Edinburgh, Wales, the north, south and middle of England, and at Sadler’s Wells in London. Their talent, energy, strength, individuality and togetherness have made Rambert2 the celebrated company they are today. They’ve paved the way for next year’s cohort to have an incredible season, and set their own careers up for greatness.

Thank you, Imogen Alvares, Joshua Attwood, Max Day, Hua Han, Conor Kerrigan, Meshach Henry, Darlyn Perez, Salomé Pressac, Aishwarya Raut, Antonello Sangirardi, Artemis Stamouli, Faye Stoeser and Melody Tamiz for making Rambert2 a huge success. Warmest wishes for the bright futures that lie ahead.

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