The Playground celebrates their 2-year anniversary!

The Playground – a unique opportunity for professional artists from all backgrounds to explore, create, collaborate and play together at Rambert – celebrated its 2-year anniversary on Friday 29 November 2019!

To celebrate, the founders of The Playground, Simone Damberg Würtz, Nancy Nerantzi and Julia Gillespie produced an evening where choreographers who previously explored ideas within The Playground’s monthly session, could return and share a developed or finished piece of work which originated within a Playground session.

“It has been brilliant to watch the community grow across art forms, and witness how artists have come together and continued to collaborate beyond The Playground! It has been extremely rewarding to see so many artists return to celebrate and share their art, music, film, photography and dance with us.”

– Simone Damberg Wurtz, The Playground co-founder

Photo © Deborah Jaffe
Choreographer: Anna Watkins

In addition to the choreographic sharings, film makers, visual artists and photographers were able to share their artwork and film content which was also developed and created within a Playground session.

There was also additional film and photographic content shared by Nauris Buksevics, Dominic Farlam, Nick Guttridge, Deborah Jaffe, Livia Massarelli, Anita Sidoruk, Nuno Veiga and Angelina Papachatzaki.

“Thank you so much for giving me this platform to share an extract of my work in progress. It was also great to see the other works presented by other artists – it was a truly wonderful evening! It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with such amazing and innovative artists, dancers, and makers. I hope to still be involved in future Playground events.”

– The Playground participant

Want to attend the next Playground session?

Saturday 14 December 18:00 – 21:00
More information here.

All images © Deborah Jaffe

Photo © Deborah Jaffe
Title: Meniscus
Choreographers: Ghost and John
Dancers: Adele Diridollou, Alina Sakko, Annie Knobbs, Anna Dunlop, Claudia Silas, Florencia Riverti, Jim Scott-Berry, Jocelyn Mah, Keity Pook, Lauren Waller, Pui Yung Shum

Made by Palace