Rambert and Coin Street: Five years in partnership

Rambert’s partnership with Coin Street Community Builders began in 2014 when the organisation welcomed us to the South Bank and invited us to build our new home on Upper Ground. In return we offer an extensive community dance programme for toddlers, children and teenagers right through to Mercury Movers for over 60s.

Working Together

Coin Street is a social enterprise working in Waterloo and North Southwark, London. From a derelict site in 1984, they have created a thriving, diverse, and welcoming place for people to live, work and play. Coin Street is at the heart of a thriving neighbourhood with co-operative homes, parks and gardens, shops and design studios, galleries, restaurants, a family and children’s centre, sports pitches, and a range of community programmes and activities.

As part of this vibrant community, Rambert and Coin Street work together to inspire residents to get involved in dance programmes and come to watch performances.

On Sunday 12 May around 200 people of all ages celebrated five years of this partnership. Families took part in yoga and young children and adults alike thrived in a variety of taster classes, giving the opportunity to local people to explore some of what the partnership provides.

Highlights included an open rehearsal of Kamuyot by Rambert2 including a Q & A where the dancers shared their experiences, tours of the archive and building, as well as the opportunity to connect local people over a cuppa.


The partnership is made up of the people of Rambert and the Coin Street community. From working with young people in schools to choreographing productions for Mercury Movers, the co-operation of both organisations supporting each other was set up to benefit people in the community.

Read what the people behind the partnership have to say:


The beauty of having a dance company within the community, is that residents can go and see performances. Members of the local area are invited to watch Rambert perform at London venues.

In May 2019, Rambert showcased their most recent works, PreSentient by Wayne McGregor, Rouge by Marion Motin, and In your rooms by Hofesh Shechter, at Sadler’s Wells and many Coin Street residents came to see it and enjoyed the show!

Members of the Coin Street community applaud a performance by Rambert2 on the celebration day. © Oliver Rudkin


Local residents are offered a special Coin Street rate to attend Rambert’s weekly classes, which range from yoga and body conditioning to contemporary dance and hip-hop. This includes affordable dance and fitness classes led by Rambert dancers or animateurs in the Rambert studios; places on Summer at Rambert courses on and other dance experiences.

Rambert’s Learning and Participation team works with Coin Street’s Youth and Community team to offer a range of activities in 10 local schools. These classes help young people explore their creativity in a nurturing environment.

© Oliver Rudkin

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