New Start: Rambert2

This July, 12 young dancers entered our studios to begin the year long journey as Rambert2. We spoke to each of them to find out how they felt when they were told that they would be joining the company and what they hope to achieve over the next 12 months.

Nathan Chipps

“Over the course of the year with Rambert, I’m most excited about being involved in the two creations with Jermaine Spivey and Andrea Miller, that we’ll perform as part of the mixed bill. The choreographers are up and coming and I like to think that our group are up and coming young dancers so I think that’s a nice balance for us to come together and make some really nice work.”

Max Cookward

“I felt a mix of emotions when I found out that I would be a Rambert2 dancer. It was excitement mixed with nerves knowing that I would be dancing for such a prestigious company, but it felt like a relief after all the years of training that I can do what I want to do.”

Clark Griffin

“Ahead of my year with Rambert, I’m most excited about seeing where being in this intense environment can take my dancing and the relationships I can make with other dancers and choreographers and directors.”

Emily Gunn

“For my year at Rambert, I’m most excited about growing as a performer. I learnt at school that technique isn’t everything; you can have good technique but it’s not going to get you as far as being able to perform, so having that stage time to really find out how I want to perform to people is something that I’m really looking forward to- especially with the incredible choreographers that are coming in. To be able to draw from them is an experience like no other.”

Michael Kelly

“During the last two days of the Rambert2 audition, there was so much amazing talent in the room, it was just crazy and inspiring to see all of these people coming from all over the world to audition. So, being picked to be one of the 12 is super exciting because this company has something super special and new and innovative. I accepted the offer as soon as I could because I wanted to be part of the community that Rambert are building.”

Prince Lyons

“I’m most excited about working with Benoit Swan Pouffer. I want to soak in as much information as I can from the artistic direction and all of the artists, including my company members, and all of the people that interact within this space. I feel like I’m learning so much already by just being in the environment, and I can’t wait to learn who I am all over again!”

Vivian Pakkanen

“I’m really pleased about the fact that we get to teach as part of the Rambert2 programme. I’ve done some teaching before and I really enjoyed it, so I’m excited about learning the rep and teaching it to young dancers.”

Chen Peng

“It was the middle of the night in China when I got the call to tell me that I had been selected to join Rambert2, so I thought it was a dream at first! I was saying down the phone, ‘What? What? Can you repeat that?’ And then I couldn’t sleep at all that night because I was too excited!”

Melody Tamiz

“I’m super honoured to be part of Rambert2 because Rambert is an amazing building and an amazing place where loads of new and exciting people come to work. It’s kind of like a hub right now for dancing and dancers, so I feel very lucky!”

Océane Robin Torrent

“As a Rambert2 dancer, I’m most excited about seeing where being in this intense environment can take my dancing and the relationships I can make with other dancers and choreographers and directors.”

Minouche Van de Ven

“When I was first told that I would be part of Rambert2, it felt surreal, but after I received the initial information, I was really excited about coming over to the UK and joining the team. The audition left a big impression on me: the way Rambert work and the people they work with, I felt like it was a very professional and open way of working- not just me coming here to work for them, but more of a collaboration.”

Juliette Wooden

“I’m really looking forward to touring and performing in so many different places around the UK. Rambert is such a well-respected company so I’m excited to be a part of it! I can’t wait to be on stage, and even the prospect of taking class with the main company is inspiring. I’m excited to work with Benoit and Matthew and all of the people we’ve worked with so far- I’m excited to be in that energy and space.”

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