Contemporary HIIT – what to expect

Garage music, mountain climbers and contemporary dance. Kate Mummery tells us all about her brand-new class, Contemporary HIIT, on Friday mornings at Rambert.

It's HIIT - with a twist

Kate Mummery

The class starts with a warm up made up of contemporary sequences. These will be simple and explore the basics of contemporary dance.

We will then move on to four different HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sequences – it might be a mountain climber, a jumping jack, a squat, and a lunge jump.

Then after that, we’ll move onto our first contemporary dance sequence, based off what we did in the warm up, then back to HIIT. We’ll repeat these cycles throughout the class. Where you’d typically rest in a HIIT workout, you’ll be dancing instead!

We’ll end with all the HIIT workouts, back to back, which is where the high intensity comes in. We’ll then finish with a core workout and stretch.

It's not just for dancers

The class is for anyone, of any level. It’s an all body workout, working your body in a different way. It’s also technique based- I’m all about the technique- which gives everyone, dancer or not, a deeper understanding of the movement.

I’m not judgemental, and it’s not about whether you can dance or not: that’s not the point. That’s why I don’t want people to think it’s just contemporary – anyone can come and do it and get the benefits.

You'll supercharge your fitness levels

Generally, in a lot of dance it’s quite full on, then you stop. Whereas in this class, the simple, contemporary dance sequences continuously flow and keep moving throughout. These dance segments help to lengthen the muscles, whilst the HIIT helps to build them – I don’t think enough fitness classes do both.

The music will keep you on your feet

I use a variety of music in my classes- think old school garage, jungle, and drum and bass. They have a great tempo for both fitness and contemporary dance!

So why does it work?

For me, because it’s short. People think they have to go to the gym for hours, but this is short and sweet, and effective. People can do it, then take it away and even do it themselves at home. I think it gives you that adrenaline- a happy buzz. It’s also adaptable, so you can still do it if you have an injury.

Contemporary HIIT by Kate Mummery ZKFit starts Friday 21st September, 7:30-8:30am at Rambert.

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