Tierney Lawlor shares her experience of Rambert’s youth dance company Quicksilver

I was in Quicksilver, Rambert’s youth dance company for about a year and a half, only leaving this month to continue my dance training at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. During my time with Quicksilver, I made many amazing memories and had so many amazing performance opportunities.

I live in Bournemouth so I travelled two hours each way for my Quicksilver lessons on Monday evenings. I knew when I started that the travelling would 100% be worth it when looking at the places I’d be performing. These sort of opportunities would not be available to me in Bournemouth and I’m so glad that I was able to take advantage of so many of them.

My favourite opportunity would have to be performing at the Royal Festival Hall back in Easter 2016. We had the amazing experience of dancing with the London Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the energy that bought to the stage was incredible. I’ve also had the chance to perform at Move It, U.Dance London Platform, as well as well as Westfields as part of Big Dance and most recently Rambert’s National Theatre River Stage takeover event on the South Bank.

Challenges I’ve faced at Quicksilver, and learnt a lot from, include rehearsing choreography in short spaces of time. Learning choreography can be mentally and physically difficult, especially as Quicksilver’s artistic director, Laura Harvey’s choreography can require a lot of energy and stamina! As dancers, we need to time for the movement to settle in our bodies. I would say that my ability to learn new pieces is one of the most important skills I will take into my next stage of training. I feel I’ve learnt how to adapt quickly and intelligently and working under pressure has improved the speed at which I pick things up.

I’m looking forward to continuing my training at the Rambert School and being in Quicksilver has made me even more excited to start there because it has given me a taste of what it is to be part of a company and what an amazing company Rambert is. I am so grateful for the training and opportunities I’ve received as part of Quicksilver and I can’t wait to be a member of the audience at their future performances!

Tierney Lawlor Quicksilver

Quicksilver performing at Rambert’s takeover of the National Theatre’s River Stage (2017)

Tierney and other Quicksilver members rehearsing (2017)

From their 1920s origin as a single organisation, Rambert and Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance have gradually become separate entities. Today, the relationship between Rambert and the school is arguably the strongest it has ever been. There are Rambert School graduates dancing in Rambert company, plus there’s occasional collaborative projects where members of Rambert School have joined the Company on stage: including The Creation and A Linha Curva.

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