In the Making 2018: Questioning, Creating, Digesting

Rambert’s Artistic Associate, Peggy Olislaegers, reflects on the process of creation

Last weekend a variety of audience members came to In the Making, Rambert’s platform for in-house and associate artists to share work in progress. Peggy Olislaegers enjoys the intense period of making and questioning in the weeks choreographers and dancers are given to carry out research in the studio:

Carolyn Bolton, Hannah Burfield, Julie Cunningham and Sian Gilling in Crave by Julie Cunningham

‘It gives us time to reflect upon the artform of dance and its rich palette of processes and aesthetics, and it deepens and broadens the experiences gleaned from the dancers daily practice of creation, dancing and touring.

‘For the Rambert dancers creation is a daily business; their daily practice of performing and co-creating with choreographers for the repertoire is constant, alongside embodying revivals of important works from the canon of contemporary dance.’

Many dancers long to create their own work, and some of the choreographies developed from earlier editions of In the Making have been shown at festivals in London, the UK, and abroad.

'For the Rambert dancers, creation is a daily business and their daily practice of performing and co-creating with choreographers is constant'

For Rambert, supporting the work of the dancers is important.

Cartoon by Daisy Smith illustrating Liam Francis’s rehearsal diary

‘I’m really enjoying the dialogues I am having with individual choreographers and dancers, and the exchange of questions and observations among the dancers, rehearsal directors and creative producers, like we had last Friday, during the full company working session.

‘For all of us, it is an opportunity to develop our craftsmanship and artistry further. I see that for some dancers In the Making accelerates their development as a performing artist. For others it opens a future career as a choreographer.

Jacob Wye and Pierre Tappon in “The Space Between Us” by Luke Ahmet

‘And now, it is time to start digesting the audience responses that we collected during the post show talk on Friday, and the written reactions received from our audiences on Saturday!’

Peggy, who lives in the Netherlands and works internationally, looks forward to the upcoming FaceTime meetings that some choreographers and dancers have already planned with her:

‘It is important to continue the dialogue. Questions change over time. New insights will pop up.’

You can catch some of the pieces from In the Making at other venues this year: Edit Domoszlai’s Angels is at Resolution, The Place on 26 January; Julie Cunningham & Company’s Crave is at the Barbican, The Pit from 8-13 May

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