Getting the Rambert Experience

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a Rambert dancer? Current company members Liam Francis and Hannah Rudd are offering an insight with our new Contemporary Open Level class, inspired by their pre-performance practice. We asked them to talk us through the class and their unique approach.

What to expect

We lead with technique based on choreography from the Rambert repertoire that we may touch upon in class. However, rather than teaching the movement as we perform it on stage, we encourage class participants to explore the choreography in different ways.

Hannah Rubb and Liam Francis in rehearsal

Trying different approaches to movement and choreography on a daily basis in the rehearsal studio is how we deepen our understanding of the many dance works we perform, so it’s all part of the Rambert dancer experience.

'This is a fantastic class that everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying. I really can’t overstate the quality of the teaching and how much I get out of the class.'

Luke - current class participant

How a class with two teachers works

Hannah enjoying a yoga warm-up

We want everybody who comes to feel like they have achieved and accomplished something. So if there’s two of us teaching one can focus on guiding individuals while the other leads.

But beyond the practicalities of it, we’re also both very different people, so we have different approaches to our dance practice. By having both of us in the studio we can offer participants a wider variety of experiences and insights.

I absolutely love the class! It's a luxury to have two teachers, and Hannah & Liam are wonderful. They each bring something a little different and special to the class.

Jenny - current class participant

Why an Open Level class?

We want this class to be available for everybody, as it’s just as much about the experience of a being a dancer as the technique. This is where the both of us can come in handy; with both of us present nobody feels lost or left behind as we can give concentrated attention to individuals that may need it.

We don’t want anyone to feel like ‘ahh this is an insight into the pre-show experience of a Rambert dancer so you must be a professional dancer’. This is about sharing with you that wonderful moment we go through before we go on stage when the curtain’s down.

How to join

Contemporary Open Level takes place every Wednesday 7.15 – 8.45pm at our Rambert Studios.

For more information or to join the class please contact reception on 020 8630 0600.

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