Rambert Statement on Anti-Racism

Rambert is committed to anti-racism. We have a vision for Rambert as a radically inclusive and safe working environment that champions and is led by members of the Black, Asian and ethnically diverse communities. We want to contribute to combatting racism through our artistic programme, leadership, participatory activities and communications.

Rambert is a diverse company, with dancers, staff and board members who are Black, Asian and ethnically diverse. This is the result of a strategic drive within our recruitment processes over the past three years.

However, we know we must do more and make change happen faster and more broadly. We need to change systems permanently if we are to secure a lasting organisational commitment to combatting racism at Rambert, within the arts sector and in society.

We believe our actions should speak louder than our words. In this spirit, we are sharing what we currently have in place, and our immediate next steps and commitments to anti-racism:

What we have in place:

·      Currently our Black, Asian and ethnically diverse employees (staff and dancers) represent 30% of the organisation, and are represented in leadership, curatorial roles, senior management and in our dancers. Our Black, Asian and ethnically diverse trustees make up 25% of our board.

·      We have a Diversity and Inclusion working group and a Forum for Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse staff. In recent weeks, the board has nominated a Board Diversity Spokesperson.

·      We work proactively to nurture talent and give people who are systematically denied opportunity the support to grow.  We work with Creative Access and partner with a range of organisations on community outreach including Inc Arts; staff members volunteer to be role models for I Can Be; and we offer work experience to school students via Lewisham work experience scheme, hosting many children from diverse backgrounds

·      We will continue ongoing inclusion training for all staff and as many people who work with us as possible (including freelancers and venues staff). However, we understand diversity and inclusion are different, and will work with industry experts and our staff to make sure that we are a fully inclusive organisation.

Next steps:

·      An Anti-Racism Policy will include an artistic policy on integrated casting and commissioning, with a code of conduct for freelancers that work with the company.

·      We are undertaking a review of all our work that is taught as part of the dance syllabus in schools, including related resources and workshops.

·      A new Learning & Communities strategy will embed anti-racism across our existing programme of community outreach.

·      We will continue ongoing inclusion training for all staff and as many people who work with us as possible (including freelancers and venues staff).

·      We are convening meetings open to all current and former Rambert employees and dancers to share their experiences with colleagues, including leadership and trustees.

·      Feedback from Rambert’s Diversity and Inclusion working group will be brought to the board quarterly.

·      We are reviewing our suppliers, partners and contractors to ensure they adhere to our values of antic-racism and inclusion and this will be reflected in our tendering and contracts.

We will closely monitor our progress in these areas and welcome feedback as we look to be and do better, both within Rambert and beyond.

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