The team behind Rambert's work


Chief Financial Officer:
Edward Halshaw
Development Director:
Helen Searl
Director of Audiences:
Jo Taylor
Business Director:
Alex Darbyshire


Senior Rehearsal Director:
Matthew Rich


Senior Producer:
Francesca Moseley
Julia Valentini
Assistant Producer:
Louise Farnall
Production Adminstrator:
Sophie Knowles
Business Affairs Consultant:
Bernadette Thomas (Artscape)


Head of Production and Operations:
Ed Trotter
Head of Costume:
Richard Gellar
Technical Stage Manager:
Amy Steadman
Company Manager:
Linda Peterkopa
Rambert2 Programme Manager:
Deborah Norris
R2 Production Manager and Building Technician:
Holly Gould
Audio Engineers:
Francis Gardner
Jamie Calvert
Lighting Programmers:
Tom Mackey
Jack Ryan


Partnerships & PR Marketing Manager:
Alexandra Desvignes
Channels Marketing Manager:
Rebecca Horrell
Fanbase Coordinator:
Tiah Parsan
Partner Venue Coordinator:
(currently vacant)
Digital Content Creator (Freelance):
Sebastian Whyte


Head of Community:
Kithmini Wimalasekera
Class Programme Coordinator:
Clare Thomas
Community Coordinator:
Shakira Holder


Head of Trusts:
Katya Evans (on maternity leave)
Development Manager:
Rosie Hebb
Events Coordinator:
Gloria Rowe


Head of Human Resources and EDI:
Tigho Feldman
Executive Assistant:
Candice Macallister
Finance Officers:
Denise Middleton
Christine Williams
Finance Assistant:
Helen Critchell
Administrative Assistant / Receptionist:
Malinda Smith
Diversity and Inclusion Consultant:
Irfaan Arif (Develop Minds)


Company Physiotherapist:
Stephanie O'Neill
Osteopath & Massage Therapist:
Andrew Creevy

Meet the Guest Artists

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    Benoit Swan Pouffer is an internationally-renowned dance artist and company…

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  3. Dancers

    Rambert employs some of the world's finest dancers, whose talent, range…

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  7. Board

    Rambert (Ballet Rambert Limited) is a registered charity no 326926…

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  8. Associates

    Rambert works with leading artists from around the world, who…

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