Rambert Orchestra

Rambert’s Orchestra was formed in 2009 by its then Music Director Paul Hoskins, developed from London Musici, which had formerly been Rambert’s partner orchestra since 1994. The orchestra includes many of the country’s finest instrumentalists, who enjoy a varied and difficult repertoire, the very high standard of playing and dancing, the audience response, and the quality of the musical experience.

The Rambert Orchestra has made recordings on NMC of Gavin Higgins’ What Wild Ecstasy and Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Crying Out Loud and No Let Up.

Its most recent release on NMC, Flux, features music by the first five of Rambert’s Music Fellows, and is available to purchase here.

The orchestra also features on Stolen Rhythm, a 2017 collection of works by Cheryl Frances-Hoad available here.

The Rambert Orchestra, together with BBC Singers, performing Haydn’s The Creation, with choreography by Mark Baldwin – a production celebrating Rambert’s 90th anniversary in 2016.

We gratefully acknowledge support for music at Rambert from the PRS for Music Foundation.

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Meet the Guest Artists

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  8. Board

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