Kibwe Tavares

Director: Aisha and Abhaya 

Kibwe Tavares combines his training as an architect with his love of storytelling and animation to create futuristic 3D animated/live action films with social and political depth, creating incredibly detailed, vivid, and kinetic visual environments to entice audiences.

His first short, ‘Robots of Brixton’ (a thesis project for his master’s degree) made a big splash in 2012 leading him to win the Special Jury Award at Sundance. Fast Company named him one of the 100 most creative people in business and he was invited to speak at TED London last year. His second short ‘Jonah’, which also premiered at Sundance, was written by Jack Thorne and financed by Film4, the BFI and Shine Pictures. His latest short film, ‘Robot + Scarecrow’ stars Jack O’Connell and Holiday Granger. Produced by DMC Films and The Space, it premiered at the London Film Festival 2017.

Kibwe is developing two features for Film4. THE KITCHEN, which stars and is being written by Daniel Kaluuya (GET OUT) and UN LUN DON, based on the novel by China Mieville. Nick Payne (WANDERLUST) will adapt THE TIME MACHINE for Kibwe – an event limited series for House Productions and Sky. Kibwe has also collaborated with Umpqua Bank to create an original short film ‘The Seed and The Moon’ for the centrepiece of their new ad campaign.

He is a founding member of Factory Fifteen, a design-led creative studio working with animation, VFX and emerging technologies. Kibwe recently directed an exciting, vibrant spot for the launch of Guinness Africa.

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