Rambert (Ballet Rambert Limited) is a registered charity no 326926 and a company limited by guarantee no 01930699. It is a subsidiary of Rambert Trust Limited, registered charity no 250143, company no 00483573. Rambert Productions Limited, company no 09308404, is a subsidiary of Ballet Rambert Limited.

Registered office: Rambert, 99 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP

Rambert is governed by its board of directors:

Dame Sue Street (Chair)
Christopher Barron OBE
Lord Paul Boateng
Chiara Chabanne
Lolita Chakrabarti
Jill Kowal
Emma Lancaster
Natasha Lewis
Eleanor O’Keeffe
Ray Oudkerk
Robin Saunders
Graham Sheffield CBE
Mark Tantam

Copies of Rambert’s annual report and accounts are available on request.

  1. Chief Executive / Executive Producer

    Helen Shute is the Chief Executive and Executive Producer of…

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  2. Artistic Director

    Benoit Swan Pouffer is an internationally-renowned dance artist and company…

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  3. Dancers

    Rambert employs some of the world's finest dancers, whose talent, range…

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  4. Rambert2

    Rambert2 brings together dancers with outstanding ability, creativity and individuality,…

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  5. Creatives

    Meet the choreographers, musicians, directors and designers currently working with…

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  6. Team

    The team behind Rambert's workExecutive teamArtistic team Operations Team Producing…

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  7. Rambert Orchestra

    Rambert's Orchestra was formed in 2009 by its then Music…

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  8. Animateurs

    Rambert's animateurs are professional dancers and teachers who deliver our practical education work. The…

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  9. Associates

    Rambert works with leading artists from around the world, who…

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