Rambert (Ballet Rambert Limited) is a registered charity no 326926 and a company limited by guarantee no 01930699. It is a subsidiary of Rambert Trust Limited, registered charity no 250143, company no 00483573. Rambert Productions Limited, company no 09308404, is a subsidiary of Ballet Rambert Limited.

Registered office: Rambert, 99 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP

Dame Sue Street


Board members

at Rambert

Rambert is governed by its board of directors:

Dame Sue Street (Chair)
Christopher Barron OBE
Lord Paul Boateng
Lolita Chakrabarti
Fiona Cullen
Phil Howell
Natasha Lewis
Alidad Moghaddam
Ray Oudkerk
Dania Saidam
Robin Saunders
Mark Tantam

Copies of Rambert’s annual report and accounts are available on request.

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