‘This work for seven men responds with full force to the rhythmic complexity of Michael Gordon’s Weather One.

The intangible is on the tip of your tongue and yet it cannot be put into words. The feeling of your own skin, your muscles and tendons, your lifeblood. You cannot express it in words; the feeling is almost ungraspable and yet it exists.

As if in a fog, new images appear and it seems you can describe them, but only with a new, non-existent word.

And then it’s gone.’

Itzik Galili choreographer

Dancers: Miguel Altunaga, Eryck Brahmania, Jonathan Goddard, Dane Hurst, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Jon Savage, Stephen Wright.

Itzik Galili
Michael Gordon
Costume design:
Natasha Lansen
Lighting design:
Yaron Abulafia

SUB had its UK premiere at Sadler's Wells, London on Tuesday 15 May 2012.
SUB by Itzik Galili © 2009 Dansgroep Amsterdam. Used by Permission.

Dancer: Jonathan Goddard.

Made by Palace