New Choreography

This performance took place in 2015 – you can view photos by Stephen Wright here.

A showcase of original works choreographed and performed by Rambert’s dancers, along with guest artists Carlos Pons Guerra and Anthony Middleton.

This programme includes new creations by Luke Ahmet, Carolyn Bolton, Simone Damberg Würtz, Edit Domoszlai, Patricia Okenwa and Pierre Tappon, selected as part of Rambert’s choreographic development programme, giving new creative opportunities to company members.

These performances are sold out.

Touch by Luke Ahmet sees three dancers explore different ways a person can touch and be touched, emotionally and physically. It is accompanied by new music composed by the Rambert Orchestra’s Robert Millett.

Where things end and ends meet by Carolyn Bolton stems from a couple’s exploration of true connectivity and the sacrifices they must make to remain together or separate.

The idea behind Edit Domoszlai’s Competitive Plasticity originated from the following Hakui written by a neurologist: ‘Brain: Factory of dreams / Electrochemical Stew / Never-ending buzz.’ Edit’s piece will explore how our mind functions – from generating thoughts and transmitting messages to the internal battle we have with our subconscious mind when we begin to over think our actions or decisions.

Anthony Middleton’s Without End focuses upon the idea of time and erosion. Anthony performs in this work alongside Isabel Slingerland and Tom Tindall, two dancers from his company theMiddletonCorpus.

Patricia Okenwa’s Void creates a tangible sense of the disconnection between two dancers, charged with traces of passionate affection that was once shared. The piece is performed by former Rambert dancers Estela Merlos and Stefano Rosato.

Carlos Pons Guerra’s Ruffle is inspired by the notion of battle, and the emotional aggression and competition shared in a romantic relationship between men.

Inspired by a trip to Berlin and recent events in Europe and between Mexico and the USA, Pierre Tappon’s Wall explores the emotional journey of a man told through his changing perceptions to his struggles and surroundings.

Simone Damberg Würtz’s piece bravery (breɪv(ǝ)ril) draws inspiration from witnessing an apparent act of fearlessness and courage – but can anyone ever be truly brave?

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