Current Works

  1. Life is a Dream

    Following on from the phenomenal success of Transfigured Night, two-time Olivier award-winner Kim Brandstrup creates a new work for Rambert.

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  2. The days run away like wild horses

    The days run away like wild horses is a new creation by Aletta Collins, set to Arturo Márquez's…
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  3. Ghost Dances

    Christopher Bruce’s 1981 work Ghost Dances is one of the most celebrated contemporary dance pieces of its generation. This masterpiece…
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  4. A Linha Curva

    A Linha Curva is Rambert's party piece: a riotous explosion of sexy, colourful, samba-fuelled dance. The work features 28…
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  5. Symbiosis

    A high velocity celebration of the Rambert dancers' skills, by internationally acclaimed dance-maker Andonis Foniadakis, with a newly commissioned…
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  6. Goat

    Goat is a new dance theatre creation from rising star Ben Duke. Darkly funny and deeply moving, it…
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  7. In the Making 2018

    In the Making is an evening of sketches, experiments, drafts and short works created and performed by Rambert…
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  8. Julie Cunningham & Company: To Be Me

    Julie Cunningham & Company, led by Rambert's inaugural Leverhulme Choreography Fellow, make a guest appearance with Rambert, presenting Cunningham's…
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