Cardoon Club

‘In 2004 I created Artichoke in the silver lake with the Folkwang Tanzstudio in Essen/Germany for the Pina Bausch Festival in Wuppertal. I am still wondering where this piece came from. Normally working more in serious contemporary dance, suddenly we are dealing with beaded curtains, finger extensions, Hammond organ and music from the early 1970s. Somehow¬†Artichoke in the silver lake was an uncommon creation; it appeared out of a spirit of lightness, playfulness and absurdity.

I am very glad to have had the opportunity of re-creating this piece now for Rambert Dance Company under the new title Cardoon Club.’

Henrietta Horn choreographer

Henrietta Horn
Benjamin Pope
Michael Howells
Lighting design:
Reinhard Hubert

UK premiere by Rambert Dance Company at Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe, 6 October 2010.

Premiered as Artischocke im Silbersee, 7 October 2004.

Made by Palace