Choreographer: Elsa Brunelleschi
Composer: Vincente Romero
Rambert premiere: 29 Mar 1943, Ballet Rambert, St. Andrew's Hall, Grimsby
Work note: Solo created by Elsa Brunelleschi, the well-known teacher of Spanish dance. The title was often prefixed with 'Spanish Dance'. This solo was listed in the repertoire for the run at St. Andrew's Hall, Grimsby, 29 March-3 April 1943, but it is not known on which dates it was actually performed. The premiere date of 29 March 1943 is a 'holding' date until more information comes to light. World premiere information unavailable.
Number of dancers: 1 woman
Music details: Live music: piano
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0106
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