Six Pack

Choreographer: Glenn Wilkinson (as Kinson Productions)
Composer: Aphex Twin
Recording artist: Plaid
Set designer: Bruce French
Costume designer: Bruce French
World premiere: 30 Oct 2003, Rambert Dance Company, Wycombe Swan Theatre, High Wycombe
Work note: First performed on 20 June 2003 as part of the Rambert Dance Company's Workshop Season of New Choreography at The Place, London. It was presented as six short solos performed individually between other works on the programme. Two of the solos were subsequently taken into the main repertoire, still entitled 'Six Pack', again performed separately between other works on the mixed bill.
Production note: The choreographic workshop programme does not list designers. Bruce French is credited in the programme for the premiere.
Music title: 'Ooh Be Do', 'Zala' and other tracks from 'Double Figure' (Plaid); tracks from '26 Mixes for Cash' (Aphex Twin)
Music details: Recorded music
Music note: The two solos taken into the main repertoire used Plaid's 'Ooh Be Do' and 'Zala'. The other four solos in the choreographic workshop performance used tracks from Aphex Twin's '26 Mixes for Cash'.
Source: Programme and show reports in the Rambert Archive
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