Choreographer: John Chesworth
Set designer: John Chesworth
Costume designer: John Chesworth
Lighting designer: John B. Read
World premiere: 25 Jan 1968, Ballet Rambert, Richmond Theatre, London
Work note: This work was scheduled to premiere at Ballet Rambert's 1967 London season at the Jeanette Cochrane Theatre but had to be postponed due to legal difficulties over the music. The publicity described the work as a 'modern masque'.
Production note: In the programme, John Chesworth is credited as 'theme' instead of choreography and design.
Duration: 9 minutes
Music title: Polymorphia (1961)
Music details: Recorded music
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive
Archive catalogue: WORK/0201


Date Programme Venue
25 Jan 1968
Intermède | Ricercare | ''H''* | Hazard Richmond Theatre, London
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