Choreographer: Frank Staff
Composer: Karl Czerny
Set designer: Eve Swinstead-Smith
Costume designer: Eve Swinstead-Smith
World premiere: 5 Dec 1939, Ballet Rambert, Duchess Theatre, London
Work note: Author Lionel Bradley states that in the 1943 revival, some dances from the original 'Czernyana' were replaced with dances from 'Czerny 2'.
Production note: In the programme, Eve Swinstead-Smith is credited as 'decor' or as 'decor and costumes'..
Number of dancers: 7 women, 3 men
Revival credits: 1959 revival staged by Elisabeth Schooling.
Music title: Practical Exercises for Beginners, Opus 599 (1840)
Music details: Live music: piano
Source: Programme and reference file in the Rambert Archive; Bradley, L. 'Sixteen Years of Ballet Rambert' (Hinrichsen Edition Ltd, 1946).
Archive catalogue: WORK/0104
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