Tue 28 Jun 1955, 7.00pm, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

Les Sylphides

Choreographer: Michel Fokine
Composer: Frédéric Chopin


Nocturne Beryl Goldwyn
Nocturne Selina Wylie
Nocturne Alexander Bennett
Nocturne Ann Horn
Nocturne Gillian Martlew
Nocturne Patricia Ashworth
Nocturne Patricia Dyer
Nocturne Selma Seigertsz
Nocturne Thelma Litster
Nocturne Valerie Marsh
Nocturne Marcia Walden
Nocturne Alison Norwood
Nocturne Valma Briggs
Nocturne Naomi Ben-Ari
Nocturne Sylvia Singleton
Nocturne Sheila Alletson
Nocturne Dorothy Buttery
Nocturne Leda Harris
Nocturne Cecily Plowright
Nocturne Olwen Hought
Valse Selina Wylie
Mazurka Beryl Goldwyn
Mazurka Alexander Bennett
Prelude Ann Horn
Grande Valse Beryl Goldwyn
Grande Valse Alexander Bennett
Final Ensemble
Conductor Joseph Vandernoot
Violin (Leader) Reginald Morley


Choreographer: Robert Joffrey
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Premiere type: World premiere


Act I: On Earth
Persephone Noreen Sopwith
Demeter Gillian Martlew
Persephone's Companion Selina Wylie
Persephone's Companion Thelma Litster
Persephone's Companion Valma Briggs
Persephone's Companion Selma Seigertsz
Persephone's Companion Naomi Ben-Ari
Act II: The Underworld
Persephone Noreen Sopwith
Pluto Alexander Bennett
Demeter Gillian Martlew
Shade Alison Norwood
Shade Valerie Marsh
Shade Marcia Walden
Shade Valma Briggs
Shade Terry Gilbert
Shade John Chesworth
Shade Norman Morrice
Shade Mario de Marigny
Conductor Joseph Vandernoot
Violin (Leader) Reginald Morley

Past Recalled

Choreographer: Jack Carter
Composer: Ernest Bloch


The Man Norman Dixon
Himself as a Child Patricia Ashworth
His Mother Gillian Martlew
The Woman Noreen Sopwith
Her Friend Selina Wylie
Her Friend Selma Seigertsz
Her Friend Patricia Dyer
Her Friend John Chesworth
Her Friend Norman Morrice
A Casual Encounter Alison Norwood
Conductor Joseph Vandernoot
Solo Violin Reginald Morley
Piano Michael Hobson

The Gala Performance

Choreographer: Antony Tudor
Composer: Sergei Prokofiev


La Reine de la Danse (from Moscow) Beryl Goldwyn
La Déese de la Danse (from Milan) Gillian Martlew
La Fille de Terpsichore (from Paris) Ann Horn
Cavalier Norman Dixon
Cavalier Terry Gilbert
Cavalier John Chesworth
Coryphée Selina Wylie
Coryphée Selma Seigertsz
Coryphée Patricia Dyer
Coryphée Thelma Litster
Coryphée Valerie Marsh
Coryphée Valma Briggs
Conductor Ronald Yerrell
Dresser Alison Norwood
Conductor Joseph Vandernoot
Violin (Leader) Reginald Morley
Source: Programme for 28-29 June 1955 in the Rambert Archive
Made by Palace