Sat 30 Aug 2003, 8.00pm, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Performance title: Grand Pas Gala

Ghost Dances

Performance title: Grand Pas Gala
Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Composer: Ernesto Cavour, Atahualpa Yupanqui
Music note: Danced to recorded music


Dancer Paul Liburd
Dancer Martin Lindinger
Dancer Simon Cooper
Dancer Angela Towler
Dancer Gemma Wilkinson
Dancer Hope Muir
Dancer Ana Luján Sánchez
Dancer Lucila Alves
Dancer Andrew Hurst
Dancer Robin Gladwin
Dancer Glenn Wilkinson
Running time: 22.47-23.18
Performance note: Rambert Dance Company's 'Ghost Dances' was the final dance of the gala night.
Source: Cast sheet and stage manager's report for 30 August 2003 (evening) in the Rambert Archive
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