Body Conditioning (Evening)

An invigorating and empowering class which incorporates both Pilates matwork techniques and Vinyasa Yoga. The classes are intended to develop strength, flexibility and suppleness whilst balancing the body and mind.

Class level: Participants should be comfortable and confident (or happy to play) with sun salutations, balancing postures, arm balances and inversions

Full term enrolment (12 weeks):  £160
Coin street community resident: £30.00

To book, click here.

Autumn Term

Start: Wednesday 18 September
End: Wednesday 11 December

Half term (no class) on Wed 23 October

Meet the teacher: Pieter Symonds

I did my dance training in Wellington at the New Zealand School of Dance and my Pilates and yoga training in London. I have so much gratitude for Mark Kan and Stewart Gilchrist for helping me continue my yoga study

First memory of yoga
My father and I used to go together to an amazing local teacher when I was a teenager. At that time I was just starting full time dance training. I treated it like a ‘gymnastics/contortion’ class that could physically assist my dancing. It wasn’t until much later that I delved deeper into the layers (thank you for opening the door Patricia Okenwa). I found the quieter/meditative side allowed me to balance the stress and strain of dancing professionally.

Most inspirational teacher
I think every person I share the space/studio with is an incredible teacher. I am forever learning from my (so called) ‘students’…courage, perseverance, dedication, loyalty, humour, patience … the list goes on. A teacher is a student who teaches to continue his study (I think it was Mochizuki Minoru Sensei who said that).

What to expect in your class
Each person walks into the room with their own expectations – there isn’t a lot I can do to alter a preconception. What I hope they take away from the experience is a sense of peacefulness, enjoyment, pride and hopefully an inspiration to repeat something that might have been challenging. I hope that we’ve laughed, worked hard and ‘escaped’ the endless loop of daily life for a period.

Autumn Term Booking Information

Booking opens Friday 19 July at 3pm

Coin Street bookings require a password, available from Monday 15 July.

If you are a Coin Street resident, please email classes[ATSIGN]rambert.org.uk or call us on the number below after this date to access this booking option.

Booking options vary from class to class, and are subject to availability.

If you have any further questions please call Rambert on 020 8630 0600.

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