Advice on booking for adult classes

Our adult class programme is popular, and class sizes are capped to ensure that all participants can dance safely and have an enjoyable experience. Many classes therefore regularly sell out. These booking procedures may help to ensure you can attend the classes you want.

Booking for Spring Term 2018 classes opens 6 November 2017.

Click here to download our Autumn Term 2017 timetable.

Term enrolment (12 weeks)

Enrolling on a full course before the start of term is the best way to ensure your place in class each week. Your place is secured until five minutes before class begins, when it is released to others (unless we are notified in good time that you are running late).

Classes not available as term enrolment: Contemporary Professional class; our free classes: Dance for Parkinson’s and Dance for Dementia.

Please note that term enrolment is the only option for attending the following classes: Contemporary Beginners with Alicia Frost, Mercury Movers, (and all Children & Young People classes).

Carnet cards

If you prefer not to enrol on a course, you can pre-book your chosen classes with a 6 or 12-class carnet card, from 8am on the day. Carnet cards have many benefits over our non-bookable drop-in option (see below), including enabling you to attend the same or different classes at a cheaper cost, a much wider range of classes, and with a significantly better likelihood of securing your spot – and also knowing it’s secure ahead of time.

With a carnet card you’re free to choose the same class each week, or mix and match classes across one, two, three weeks or across the whole term – there are no limits to how you use your card or how many cards you purchase throughout a term! You can even carry over two of your 6 or 12 classes to next term (valid for the whole academic year).

Carnet cards are available to purchase for a limited period only and valid for use on most adult regular weekly classes. The only exclusions are as follows: Contemporary Professional class which is available as non-bookable drop-in class only; Contemporary Beginners with Alicia Frost, and Mercury Movers, which are course-only classes.

Booking classes with your carnet card

Evening classes: carnet card holders are able to request a place on the day of their chosen evening class by emailing reception[ATSIGN] between 8am and 5.30pm, or by arriving for a class to sign in before 6pm (subject to availability).

Morning classes: carnet card holders are able to request a place the day before their chosen morning class by emailing reception[ATSIGN] between 8am and 5.30pm, or by arriving for their class to sign in on the morning (subject to availability).

In your reservation-request email, please include your full name and the class you wish to attend, stating the word “Carnet” in the subject line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Buy a carnet card here: 12-class carnet card £120 / 6-class carnet class £65

Concessions are available on the 12-class carnet card, please email: reception[ATSIGN]

Drop-in to a class

If you wish to chance dropping in for one of our classes you may book your place in person just before it begins, subject to availability.

This drop-in option, without a carnet card, is available for the following classes only:

Body Conditioning with Pieter Symonds: Mondays 8.45am
(also available as 12-week enrolment or using a carnet card).
Yoga with Pieter Symonds: Wednesdays 8.45am and Thursdays 8.45am (both days are also available as 12-week enrolment or using a carnet card).
Professional class: Tuesdays 9am – drop-in is the only option for this class so please just turn up on the morning, at least 10 minutes before start of class.

If your chosen class is already fully booked when you arrive, we can add you to a standby list for that session, and if there is space due to enrolled participants not attending we’ll be able to offer the corresponding number of people the opportunity to join the class. The headcount occurs in the studio five minutes before the start of class.

Click here to download our Autumn Term 2017 timetable.

If you have any queries please email us: learning[ATSIGN]

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