Rambert Voices

Rambert Voices is an oral history project. We’re collecting interviews with key figures from seven decades of Rambert history, describing in their own words their experience of working with the company.

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  1. Lindsay Kemp

    The dancer, choreographer, actor and mime collaborated on landmark 1970s Rambert productions (content advice: Lindsay uses strong language).
  2. John Webley and Kenneth Bannerman

    Kenneth was a soloist and John an administrator for Rambert from the 1950s onwards.
  3. Joan Booth

    Joan began working as Marie Rambert's assistant in 1946.
  4. Beryl Goldwyn

    Beryl joined Ballet Rambert in 1949 and danced many principal roles with the company.
  5. Susan Cooper

    Susan danced with Rambert from 1969 to 1974, working closely with Norman Morrice.
  6. Peter Curtis

    Peter was a dancer with Rambert as it reinvented itself from a classical ballet to a contemporary dance company.
  7. Bob Lockyer

    As the BBC's Head of Dance in the 1970s and '80s, Bob filmed several Rambert works for television.
  8. Prue Skene

    Prue was Executive Director of Rambert 1975-86 and Chair 2000-09.

Rambert Voices has been developed as part of Rambert at 90 a project marking the company's 90th anniversary, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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