Mim’s Movers dance project – a part of Get Moving

In 2016 Rambert delivered a project, Mim’s Movers, supported by Greater London Authority. Mim’s Movers included free workshops in four day centres across London plus a celebratory activity day at Rambert’s South Bank home.

This project was just one part of a pilot scheme by Greater London Authority called Get Moving which saw many different art and culture organisations deliver different types of projects in all boroughs for older adults – aimed at improving the health and well being of older Londoners. More than 700 people in 22 boroughs took part in the Mayor of London’s Get Moving scheme.

If you’re interested in the report which Greater London Authority produced about the project and its outcomes – created in collaboration with University of Sheffield and CIRCLE – you can read it here.

Katie Mason, Elders Programme Coordinator, said, ‘Rambert is keen to tackle the issues of isolation, and one way we found to do this was by providing opportunities to dance with us in day centres across the capital. We also invited participants to our building on the South Bank to experience a new environment, meet new people and to learn more about the company’s history.’

Below is one of the films produced by Greater London Authority, which focuses specifically on our Mim’s Movers project.

'When I come to do something like this the pains all disappear'

George Participant

'It's living - you know a statue stands still - a living person breathes, opening the pores, it's embracing movement'

Thomasina Participant
Made by Palace