Joint statement on harassment at work in dance

24 October 2017

Joint statement issued on behalf of Rambert, New Adventures and The Place

Everyone has the right to work free from harassment.

It’s a shame that such an obvious statement needs to be made. Recent revelations, however, have made clear just how widespread violations of this right are, especially by people in positions of power or privilege, especially by men. We have to face up to the likelihood that unreported incidents of harassment have happened in our industry, and our organisations.

It has to stop. Now.

We are committed to making our organisations harassment-free. We pledge to:

  • fully investigate any incidents that are reported to us, whether recent or historic, and take appropriate action
  • offer support to any victims of harassment
  • be honest and open about any organisational failings we discover that allowed harassment to occur in the past, and we will make sure we don’t fail like that again.

The current spotlight on this issue is, through the work of the Royal Court and others, an opportunity to learn from each other and take positive action. We will co-operate with and support any other dance organisations who want to work with us to end harassment.

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