Hip Hop at Rambert

Join our upbeat, energetic class which visits the foundations and grooves of Hip Hop for teen beginners. 

Hip Hop for Teen Beginners

Does the beat of your favourite song just make you want to move? Want to learn the foundations of a dance style anyone can do? Then give our Teen Beginners Hip Hop class a try!

Teen Beginners Hip Hop is taught by dancer and choreographer Kloé Dean, who describes the class as ‘upbeat, fun, energetic and informative. We visits the foundations and grooves of Hip Hop, practicing and developing a hip hop dance vocabulary which is then used to practice free styling and creating choreography.’

A lesson on Hip Hop from Kloé

‘Hip Hop is a culture made up of 4 pillars:

  • Break Dancing
  • Djing
  • MCing
  • Graffiti

‘It originated in the Bronx, New York in the 1970s. Hip Hop as a dance style is made up of down beats as the rock and base of the dance then accompanied by grooves, isolation, polyrhythms and soul.

‘Anyone can learn and do Hip Hop dance – that is the beauty of it.

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‘I love the music, the culture, the art, the realness, the communication and exchange between people within it.

It’s an outlet, a chance to exchange and share with other people, develop strength and fitness and develop knowledge in the hip hop culture as a whole.’

Our dancers think you should try it too!

At Rambert our professional company may perform contemporary dance, but they come from a variety of backgrounds and training. Liam Francis started his career as a Hip Hop dancer with ZooNation and thinks everyone should experience this dance style.

How do I join?

Teen Beginners Hip Hop is for teens aged 13+. Classes are every Tuesday during term time at Rambert’s studios on London’s South Bank from 6.15 to 7.15pm

Book for the term for £95 for 12 weeks or drop-in when you can at £7.90 a class.

For more information and to book head to our class page.

About Kloé

Kloé Dean, the founder, choreographer and dancer of Myself UK Dance Company, is a passionate and creative performer from London. Kloé, also a member of Boy Blue Entertainment, has performed in numerous productions, showcases and competitions around the world.

Kloé has taught Hip Hop and a range of Street Dance styles over the past 10 years with regular classes at Pineapple, Studio 68 and Base Dance Studios.

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