Dancing through time

As we near the end of an exciting year celebrating Rambert’s 90th anniversary, it also marks the completion of nine specially designed infographics created as part of the Dancing Through Time project. The project has been part of Rambert at 90, a nationwide programme of activities observing Rambert’s history supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Dancing Through Time saw nine secondary schools/colleges recruited nationally to work with Rambert and our digital partner, Lumelabs, to each create an infographic on one decade of Rambert’s history. Each school had a tailored day-long practical Rambert Experience workshop on the decade they had been given, to explore which parts of the heritage they would like to represent. These included such things as key works, choreographers, influences of the time.

Jade Yeow, Lecturer in Performing Arts at Brooksby Melton College in Leicestershire, whose students worked on the 1930s infographic said, “The students really got a lot from the day and said that they are much more informed and excited about Rambert’s work”.

Priestley College’s dance tutor Rachel Leyland who worked on the 1990s infographics said, “the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would help students with their A-Levels as the company is part of the syllabus”. (Warrington Worldwide)

Rachel said, “The difference in our dancers after Rambert’s visit was they suddenly felt a real connection to the company. There is an engagement beyond simply the facts, figures and names from Rambert’s history to feeling a small part of it.” (Warrington Worldwide)

Looking at Rambert’s most recent decade of history, under Mark Baldwin’s directorship, it’s wonderful to remind ourselves of the importance of the present key events/milestones that shape and continue to shape the Company going forward.

We hope the infographics will prove to be an invaluable resource giving insight into our heritage as Britain’s first dance company and its role in the evolution of dance in the UK.

Emma Hamilton Archive Learning Manager

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