Dancing for health

Rambert works throughout the UK in schools, theatres and community settings with people of all ages. Our Elders Programme gives older people across London the chance to take part in dance classes with skilled teachers. Participants tell us the sessions make them feel more healthy, happy and confident, and we’re convinced of the positive impact dancing can have on the lives of older people.

Read about our classes including Dance for Dementia, Dance for Parkinson’s and Mercury Movers.

Read about one of our over-60s performance groups, the Hounslow Seniors.

Read my blog post: My wonderful experience as Elder’s Programme Co-ordinator.

We’re keen to share our knowledge and experience. If you would like to know more, email me at katie.mason[ATSIGN]rambert.org.uk.

Katie Mason Elders Programme Coordinator

'Without knowing quite how, I am transformed each week into a free spirit who has been released from all thoughts of Parkinson’s.'

Dance for Parkinson’s Participant
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